FiggSide Clothing

Work Image

When a start-up street wear brand needed a website refresh, they reached out to Camelback Digital.

Founded in 2015, FiggSide draws inspiration from the vibrant and diverse neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles and Figueroa Street, which runs through the heart of it.

Camelback Digital was charged with developing brand visuals that embraces the resilience and cultural richness of LA. The clothing brand is meant to encapsulate the spirit of the community, showing its transformation and celebrating the unity and creativity that have emerged from its roots.

eCommerce Development

Camelback Digital delivers solutions using two of the most flexible and powerful ecommerce platforms around: Woocommerce & Shopify. Depending on our client's requirements and budget, we can make the best recommendation on technology. Figgside needed a few specific requirements fulfilled, in order to manage their business and keep their customers happy:

• A powerful shipping solution for tracking orders, paying postage and easily printing shipping labels
• Integration with a enterprise printing partner, to fulfill custom orders in an automated way
• Serious security to ensure the safety of their customers' credit card info and other data
• Integration with Instagram, to more easily manage products in their Meta store

Using Woocommerce modules, 3rd party software like Shipstation and printing partner integrations, Camelback Digital was able to deliver the functionality they needed on the backend, to manage their operations, keep their customers happy and allow them to easily scale.

Brand Development

Another important piece of this refresh, was upgrading the logo to better capture the story and vibe of the young brand.

To tell their brand story more powerfully, original lifestyle images were needed.

By marrying professional photography, photo editing, creative design & a sprinkle of AI, Camelback delivered just the images our client needed.