Big Dipper Art

Work Image

Big Dipper Art is collaboration of artists creating amazing wall art for kids. They came to Camelback Digital looking for an effective eCommerce solution for a fairly complex product. Also, they needed a brand that captured the fun, magic and adventure of the art they offered.

eCommerce Development

Camelback Digital works with a couple of powerful eCommerce platforms: Woocommerce & Shopify. Depending on our client's requirements and budget, we can make the best recommendation on technology. Big Dipper was just launching and needed an economical solution that could still support their complex catalog. Some of their challenges:

• Products with multiple variables

• Frame materials needed to be selected

• Frame sizing

• Custom elements to be submitted by customers

• Integration with enterprise printing partner

Using Woocommerce modules and 3rd party software for shipping and printing partner integrations, Camelback Digital was able to deliver the functionality they needed on the backend, to manage their operations and keep them scalable.

To tell their brand story more powerfully, original lifestyle images were needed.

By marrying professional photography, photo editing, creative design & a sprinkle of AI, Camelback delivered just the images our client needed.